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We have a deep understanding of the challenges Australian health professionals deal with when marketing their businesses online.

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Dr Google is common

More than one-third of adult patients search the internet for information on their health issues before seeking professional help.

Really, really common!

Health is the second most searched thematic area in Google, providing almost 5% of the worldwide total of more than 2 trillion searches in 2016.

Your patients are online

ED intake has been predicted from website data during the preceding night, and presentations to EDs with flu-like illness have been correlated with search engine metadata for the term “flu”.

Online Expectations

The reality is that most people search their aches, pains, injuries and illnesses online first. COVID-19 created shock waves for traditional consulting and has highlighted how important staying on top of technology really is.

Take advantage of technology.


Sometimes all you need is a little bit of direction. Our consultation services are built around taking our extensive knowledge of the digital landscape and applying it to your business model. We can help you decide which marketing channels will work best for you.

No up-selling, no pressure, just honest and professional advice from the simple to the complex. Billed hourly, available either in person or over the phone.

Understand your marketing options

Get advice on specific channels

Develop short & long term strategies

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Automated Facebook Ads

Marketing Plans

After years of working with different corners of the health industry, we realised one thing that crosses all areas – you’re busy!

We have a pre-built marketing package that ticks all the boxes. We spend 12 months ticking off everything from a professional website through to SEO and setting up other services that fit your business.

Professional Website

Local SEO

Streamlined Workflows

Email Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Digital Forms

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Search Engine Optimisation

Patients aren’t looking on page 2+ when searching for help. Be visible where patients are searching. It’s a no brainer that being on the first page of Google is critical for getting a return on SEO.

There are many pieces to the SEO puzzle; which keywords, local vs organic vs paid, Google Maps, competitors, content generation, optimisation, conversions, landing pages…


It’s impossible to achieve good SEO outcomes without continuously monitoring keywords, competitors and Google updates.

Follow the data

Know which keywords are being searched, who is ranking high and what content you need to make a difference.


Let’s chat!

There are plenty of ways that technology can help bring in more patients and build a stronger more reliable brand. Whether it’s in-depth strategy or basic advice, we can help.

Develop trust with new patients in your local area before they even step in the door.