All In One

Everything you need to see how you compare to the competition.


Understand how you rank, which keywords and their true value.


Find out who is linking back to your website – the good and the bad.


Compare against your competitors to know who’s performing best.

Mobile vs Desktop

Get results for both mobile and desktop.


We’ll give you suggestions on how you might improve your rankings.

Website Audit

A comprehensive website audit to know how that’s impacting your SEO.

AdWords Review

Review your AdWords account for optimisations and issues.


Check if Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are installed.

Social Advertising

Review social media insights and advertising performance.

Audit your SEO provider

Our independent report is a no frills approach to SEO auditing.

Are you getting reports you can’t make heads and tail of? Not sure if your SEO expert is doing the right job? Want to know where you stand? You can use our report to find out whether your SEO is really helping your business.

Since most providers also offer social advertising and AdWords, we’ll review those too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We’ve got answers. If you have other questions, get in touch!

How much detail do you provide?

We provide lots. It’s a seriously packed report!

Will I be able to decipher the data?

Reports can be a pain. Our report is designed to be easy to follow and include relevant context for each section.

If something doesn’t make sense we’re happy to explain it!

Why should I get an audit report?

There are lots of reasons, the most common:

  • understand whether you should pursue SEO
  • understand whether your SEO is working
  • independent report to compare against your current provider
  • find out where you sit against other businesses in your industry
How long does it take?

This isn’t an automated report, we manually look through the data we have available to build our report.

The time frame depends on how much data your online presence has, we will discuss this as we go.

Why does it cost?

Most ‘free’ audits are a funnel to get your details and sell you SEO services.

We charge for ours because it takes a lot of time to put together, we manually sift through data and write explanations for the data.


It’s not an upsell, it’s about analytics. If you or your provider is doing a good job, we will be happy to say it.


Simple one-off pricing for the ultimate in SEO audit reports. Prices are in AUD.


Snapshot report of your online presence


Keyword rankings
Competition (up to 5)
Backlink data
Website Audit
Analytics Review


Ultimate audit for reviewing your SEO stack.


Keyword rankings
Competition (up to 10)
Backlink data
Website Audit
Analytics Review
Adwords Review
Social Advertising Review

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