Frequently Asked Questions

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How much detail do you provide?

We provide lots. It’s a seriously packed report with keyword rankings, competitor analysis, website speed tests and lots more! If you want to know if something specific will be provided, get in touch.

Will I be able to decipher the data?

Reports can be a pain. Our report is designed to be easy to follow and include relevant context for each section.

If something doesn’t make sense we’re happy to explain it!

Why should I get a digital audit?

There are lots of reasons, the most common:

  • understand whether you should pursue SEO
  • understand whether your SEO is working
  • independent report to compare against your current provider
  • find out where you sit against other businesses in your industry
  • Understand how your website is performing

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How long does it take?

This is not an automated report, we manually sort through data to build our report.

The time frame depends on how much data your online presence has. Generally it only takes a few days.

Why does it cost?

Most free audits are a funnel to get your details and sell you SEO services.

We generate reports that are meant to be transparent and full of practical information. Our team of digital marketing experts manually generate every report – this isn’t a sales tool.


It’s not an upsell, it’s about the data. If you or your provider is doing a good job, we will be happy to say it.

We do not upsell SEO services through this report. It is 100% independent.

The audit process

Simple and transparent process:

  1. 1

    Purchase an audit

    Pick a package that suites your needs.

  2. 2

    Answer some questions

    We might have additional questions to make sure we can provide the best report possible.

  3. 3

    Get your report!

    As soon as we’re done we’ll send you your report.

  4. 4

    Learn more

    We are here to discuss and explain any aspect of your SEO report.

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