In-house SEO – Why should I audit?

March 16, 2020

In-house SEO – Why should I audit?

There’s a variety of in-house SEO scenarios:

  1. You pay someone qualified in the field to improve SEO
  2. You as the business owner do it yourself
  3. An employee that isn’t qualified does the work

Let’s tackle each of these individually and how that compares to the value of SEO auditing.

1. You pay a pro

This is great, it’s probably the least common scenario. Having an onsite professional that is integrated in your business is really effective. They work solely on your brand and have a deep understanding of how you operate. But are they any good? This is a common theme that will pop up in this article and that is – how can you tell?

The problem with SEO for a lot of people is that it’s just buzzwords and difficult to understand graphs. Nobody can explain it and everyone has a different opinion. The benefit to auditing when you have employed a professional is accountability.

It’s not their report against your understanding – you will have independent information to compare against. This is a simple way to ensure that everything is above board and you’re getting the right value out of that internal position.

2. You’re doing it

What are your qualifications? If you don’t have any in SEO then there’s a chance everything you know about SEO has been Googled or learnt on the fly. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with this except you don’t know what you don’t know. Auditing is an easy way to find out whether the position you think you are in is correct.

We provide a range of links to professional tools in our reports that will help you continue monitoring and building on your SEO efforts.

We’re not here to sell you SEO, just provide you with easy to digest data.

As an added benefit, we can also tell you how your business compares to your competition.

3. Another employee is doing it

This one is often the worst of the choices for internal SEO. Non-qualified staff doing ‘SEO’ almost always yields the same results – very little.

SEO is time consuming and ever changing. Everything should be planned and researched. We see businesses making changes and building content all the time based on 20 minutes of Google research. There’s a high chance that auditing in this scenario will give you a clear indication that you should pay someone who knows what they’re doing.

In saying that – we’d happily be proved wrong.

The sales pitch

There isn’t one! That’s one of the popular benefits of independent auditing. We give you a detailed report on SEO and website performance, suggestions, a list of great tools, the offer to explain anything that didn’t make sense – and that’s it. No followup sales pitch for us to takeover your SEO, no push to rebuild your website.

Is your SEO provider doing right by you?

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